Friday, February 24

8:35-9:30 a.m. Panel 1: Fostering Critical Thinking through Activities and Assignments (Alden 319)


1A: “Breaking Down Breaking News: A Classroom Game for Simulating Evolving Settings,” Ken Ward

1B: “How to Write Good Discussion Questions and Teach Students to Do It Themselves,” Claire Eder

1C: “Social Justice by the Numbers: Creating Calculus Problems Where It Counts,” Colleen Carman

10:45-11:40 a.m. Workshop 1: Lesson Plan B: Teaching Spontaneously (Alden 301U)


Led by Dr. Linda J. Rice, Professor and Director of the Master of Arts in English Online for High School Teachers

9:40-10:35 a.m. Panel 2a: Fanfic and Fashion: Developing Analysis with Popular Culture (Alden 319)


2A: “Connecting Popular Culture to the Past Using a Historic Costume Collection,” Sierra Holt

2B: “Creative Writing in the Classroom?: An Experience with Fanfiction in Freshmen Composition,” Tanner Sebastian

2C: “Using Harold Brent’s Dialectical Materialist Analysis Method for Analyzing Ads in the FYC Classroom,” Garrett 

9:40-10:35 a.m. Panel 2b: Active Learning and Mathematical Pedagogy (Alden 301U)


Panelists TBA

10:45-11:40 a.m. Panel 3: Incorporating UDL into Online Instruction (Alden 319)


3A: “Introduction to the R2D2 Model,” Jennifer Ottley

3B: “Demonstration of R2D2 Activities,” Clarissa Bunch

3C: “Utilizing the R2D2 Model for Assessing All Learners,” Sara Hartman

2:00-2:55 Workshop 2 (Alden 301U): Using Blackboard More Effectively Led by Jeffrey Harmison and Patrick Mose, Ohio University Office of Instructional Innovation

2:00-2:55 Panel 4: Flipped Classroom from Counselor Education Doctoral Students’ Perspectives (Alden 319) Rebecca Smith, Simone Hicks, and Huan-Tang Lu

12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch and Keynote Address: “Queering Pedagogy and Knowledge Production in the Classroom: Creating Praxis-Oriented Courses” (Alden 319) Dr. Loran Marsan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

3:05-4:00 Panel 5: Developing Teacher-Student Relationships (Alden 319)


5A: “LGBTQ Training for Outdoor Educators: Teaching Strategies Educators Can Utilize to Create Positive and Safe Environments for LGBTQ Participants,” Marek Samblanet

5B: “We Can Relate: Using Hip-Hop to Build Relationships with Students,” Jason D. Rawls

5C: “The Student as Storyteller: The Effect of Affect on Instructional Relationships,” Rebekah Crawford

5D: “Relabeling and Familiarizing in Education,” Connor Zingarelli